Gasoline revolt!!

Thinking about why gasoline is so expensive and almost no one Raises his voice!

 If we collect enough names so, we can get politicians to change their mind and not take as much tax on petroleum!

That or force them to lower the price of alternative fuels and force them to develop alternative engines and fuels by providing car companies in Europe cash to research better options!

We can start by BOYCOTT the major petrol companies!

What do you think about it?

 I think it would have been good because the petrol companies put the price they want to put, plus the politicians will tax the tax, VAT and many other expenses!

Comment if you want lower gasoline or alternative fuels!


 Write your name and city so I can write it down in a word document and then submit it when we reach 50 000 names in Sweden and I’ll try to get help from the rest of Europe to collect the names needed!

 Comment on twitter, facebook or here!


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